Prepago Platform Portal

For the operator of Networked Heating, and District Heating systems

Prepago Platform is a website where everything can be controlled. The system can be changed, new users introduced, tariffs updated and reports can be generated under a number of headings.

Improved Administration through Prepay

Access to the Prepago system is allowed on 3 levels so that different levels of operators can access relevant parts of the system and different operating modes.

These preset levels are the system administrator for high level activities such as changing and setting tariffs, the maintenance engineer or the accounts function checking on balances, and those in the field arranging residential change overs.

  • Easy to Navigate

  • It is an easy system to operate and navigate as all the main parts are easily reached. A check can be quickly made on all the account balances held and check the status of supply.

    At any time credit can be issued – as a gift, a loan or to pay off an arrears situation.

  • Easier Customer Support

  • The Prepago Platform system has full SMS & announcement features. This SMS function which operates in two ways for consumers - as an alert system from the system and as an information source when key words are sent for updates.

  • SMS Text Engine

  • SMS texts can update users to warn of low credit and in the event of no credit.

    A survey in the US showed 97% of read a SMS within 15 minutes of receiving them on their mobile phones – giving your user plenty of time to arrange a top-up or take an IOU.

    A second group messaging feature is included which enables Network operators to text message consumers. This can be to keep them updated on service issues or changes.

  • Tamper Evident

  • This can be used by operators for alerts in the event of tampering.

    As Prepago is a software development company in its own right and has recognised developer status agreements with Microsoft, Google and Apple, it means the apps are constructed with a deep integration in to the Prepago database and operate using extensive webservices architecture. This gives Prepago Apps flexibility and the ability to continuously update and speedily evolve.

  • Remote Surveillance

  • The Prepago system allows a remote heat monitoring service. The structure of the remote management software gives efficient control of every heat interface unit.

    Prepago prepay for energy solution is the ultimate answer for checking on billing, remote system monitoring and remote diagnostic activities.

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