Instalo is an application that makes the installation of a prepay metered network so simple. Everyone can see the development of the network and the scheme progress - it is a case of red or white showing what is ready and what is outstanding.

Ensuring you can add new residences and PrepayGO charge points in phases to deliver your development.

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This is the next generation of prepay as the App approach offers new more efficient methods for customer care.

This allows easier administration and of course better data delivery and presentation through the evolving feel and layout of iOs and Android apps ecosystems.

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PrepayGO is an application that grants you access to Prepago's numerous E.V charging stations via a remote control flow to charge your electrical vehicle easily.

You can create an account to utilize the stations within your SnugZone block, or simply use any of our available statons.

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Enjoy great-value wingle powered wireless satellite tv through the internet!

Just use in any USB port - on your tv, a laptop or any device or screen - use anywhere at home or away everywhere in Ireland.

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