It is not about cutting people off - we offer the widest range of assistance:

  • IOU – repayable at next top-up
  • Cutting off only during working hours when top-ups are available
  • Text warning of low and no credit

As the operator you need Customer Care options and with Prepago you get a complete selection of ways to help residents and consumer

This is a system that is customer oriented - suitable for everyone no matter what their economic circumstances:

  • IOU – repayable at next top-up
  • IOU – repayable over time
  • Credit grant

No Arrears

Do your residents differ in their abilities to work technology? We provide for diverse residential groups including the vulnerable and frail to use our system. We fully deliver aturnkey metered billing and revenue collection system for apartments and communal heating systems.

Any District Heating equipment

Is there a variety of controls already in place? We work with all of the leading suppliers of District Heating equipment and will easily integrate with any set up – whether through an existing wired network or our own wireless scheme. This helps developers and building managers affordably deliver the requirements of the Building Regulations Part L.

Are you planning a scheme? We can work with you and help you get the very best suppliers for your scheme.

Cost and space efficient

Concerned about the capital cost? By choosing a networked heating structure it makes sense because it releases the in-home space requirements for boilers and ventilation requirements gas pipework.

Interested in Leasing your system? Communal heating not only offers energy efficiency, sustainability and lowers the cost per home for heating – but it also makes commercial sense to spread the payments over a time.

Complete System

The issues of whole life costs, monitoring metering and billing - all these and more - are delivered by the Prepago system.

We offer a free site survey and will design the system to take full advantage of any existing installed equipment to bestdeliver a trouble-free service.

Contact [email protected] for a free site survey and more information.