Central Energy Metering Solutions

The Prepago Data Logger is a bespoke unit which interfaces with the Prepago Core system through a broadband connection and acts as the principal data acquisition system in wired meter networks. This is a leading edge development in the Semantic Web and is a breakthrough demonstration of the machine to machine [M2M] concept.

Prepay from the beginning

The Data Logger Unit is a key part of the Prepago installation system and service initiation process as it sets up the prepay service for measuring customer heating units and initiates and tests the metering and service shut off protocols to be used in the deployment.

Multiple data formats

The unit has been designed to work with multiple network systems including M-bus which is the main protocol used for remote reading and powering utility meters. The data logger system architecture allows the use of other network protocols such as MODBUS, BACNET, Canbus (ISO 11898) and SDI-12 for multi drop instruments. The data logger holds 4 GB of on-board memory that is used to store acquired data.

Stand-alone System

This memory is can accommodate many months of unattended recording; however due to the nature of the prepay service this data can be uploaded to the Prepago cloud several times an hour. This memory is password protected encrypted flash memory.

Next Generation Prepay

The unit can use a number of protocols and data formats as inputs and it exports directly to Prepago cloud using a broadband internet connection in a secure XML format for data exchange.

Ideal for Retrofit

Prepago prepay for energy solution will initiate meter readings according to any agreed schedule and records the meter number which indicates the location, and the reading date and time in a timestamp to ensure that each recorded data value is associated with a date and time of acquisition in order to produce a sequence of events. As the data logger is cloud connected it employs internet based-time clocks ensuring far greater accuracy.

The unit is a dedicated standalone unit which takes a 5.5v supply which is supported by a 110/230v mains power converter and battery backup unit. The units are extremely power efficient relative to computers are designed to operate in the harsh environmental conditions of boiler rooms where computers often will not function reliably.

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