We have a number of elements to construct our systems which we can deploy depending on the system required.
Remote reading of meters is accomplished by using two architectures; wired or wireless, and we can combine them both in retro fit circumstances.

We offer a wired MBus or other IP based wired system which connects the Prepago Core system to the prepay customer and their home.

Where there isn't an existing wired network we offer a 4G network solution which can drop to GPRS where available. This enables us to read meters to a schedule and remotely offer a prepay system anywhere on these islands.

Wired Network

  • Hard-wired using a variety of protocols including MBus, ModBus, BACNet using the existing data cabling.
  • Meters are read remotely to a schedule via Broadband communication system.
  • A secure Data logger handles the data which is uploaded to the Prepago Core
  • Higher initial capital cost for cabling compared to GPRS network.
  • Actuator valve control can be easily monitored.
Prepago prepay for energy solutionhas a least cost ethos. By using a range of scheme designs to maximise the existing meters and controls, it is a cost efficient approachby using any network features that are in place.
The meter readings are never changed or interfered with; only a duplicate feed is created.

We don't modify the existing Building Management Systems [BMS] in any way; however we do repurpose and take control of heat delivery valves to implement the prepay system.

Wireless Network

  • No cabling required.
  • Easy to add additional units to a scheme over a wider area.
  • Can operate the actuator valve and include uploading a meter read.
  • Lower installation costs compared to hard wired Bus network.
  • No need to install or maintain wireless network nodes.
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