Can we change the messages?

Yes, it is editable any time. Also new messages can be queued and A/B testing tried. Messages can be timed by the day/week.

Who decides what is said?

You do.

Can we raise money?

Yes. But will not be doing the collecting or processing donations, you will need to have your own money handling channels and CHY number etc.

Can we get responses?

You can use your own email address. We get up to 500 views of an ad.

Will we know who sees the messages?

We’ll tell you the absolute number - it will be anonymized. Any details you collect will be held and processed in your own website system - we do not have, hold nor are we interested in clearing up any potential GDPR breaches.

How long can we do this?

You’ll get a slot up to 21 days. You can finish it earlier. We’ll discuss the slots that are available with you.

Can we use multi media?

Yes. You can use Web, email, or if you have any YouTube hyperlinks.

Are there any preferences?

No, it is open and is active in slots available for 3 weeks. Local is very good. Diversity is excellent. No particular group or focus will have emphasis.