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The Utilities that adopt the Prepago system are able to enter in the prepay space with significantly fewer resources, and more rapidly than with any other partner. This allows them to develop or enter new markets with zero credit risk from new customers, compared to a bill pay option. For their existing customers, the consumer experiences a positive change – no more bills –while being offered easier arrears management and multiple flexible debt management options and choices can introduced without delay. The platform opens a new sales channel with clear differentiation that delivers time to implementation that is up-to 95% faster than other approaches.

Game Changing

Customers get a flexible tool that sits alongside existing systems; there is no need to change existing systems. We use a cloud based delivery system with multithreaded secure systems infrastructure. Relying on hardware validation and software enhanced access. It is deployed with hardware and software security systems that make delivery certain and exact. A professional focussed system that is absolutely rigid and superior to data protection industry standards.

Easy fit

Prepago is designed to work seamlessly with your existing technical infrastructure. We use web services to deliver accounting elements, allowing seamless integration in to legacy software and hardware systems. The use of web interfaces allows easier understanding of the system and browser technology ensures it is easily deployed to and is understandable by team members. It is fully compatible with all major I.T systems such as your enterprise and billing software. The use of Smartphone app technology allows users to enter into all parts of the service speedily while the SMS support messaging option ensures that everyone – no matter their comfort zones with technology can participate fully.

Lower Cost

Prepago allows Utilities to move to a new channel without adding new billing software. This cuts the cost of deployment as there is no need for upgrading hardware or significant additional training requirements. The system uses app technology for the consumer so there is no additional in-home-displays or the requirement to support additional hardware, with full SMS support for the app it means that all levels of technical aptitude are catered to. There are no keys, cards or tokens required – there is significantly less customer support required. As the platform sits outside the enterprise system it reduces training and changes for staff members involved.

Appropriate technology

An adult in their mid-thirties has had a mobile phone all their adult lives. Mobile phone users are very experienced with the Pay-as-you-go business model and the prepay format. A customer with a smart phone has a secure link into the Prepago system giving them fully up to date account access. As the account data on the phone is always up to date - there is no need for customers to call to check their account ensuringbetter customer service delivery. As there are no in-home-displays the system uses app technology in a meaningful way for the consumer to access their account. As there is a full SMS support for the app it means that the key information is available to customers of all technical abilities.

Smart phone

By using a smartphone Prepago delivers exactly the information a Pay-as-you-go customer requires at any time. This is because mobile phones are private, personal and portable they eliminate the "box on the wall" experience most people associate with prepaid utility services. Through using a phone app it significantly reduces costly customer contact time for the Utility while meeting the customer's requirement for information exactly when they want it. All customer data, usage and account related plus any service issues are fed in directly to their mobile phone with all the security the cellular infrastructure delivers. At any time apps can be updated and additional information can introduced for consumers to use. This ensures that the information supplied is up-to-date and accurate. There is also a reassuring support system using SMS/text reporting is also available.

Hosting and server management

Prepago is a Software-as-a-service for utilities and operates as an online platform. This means we take care of 100% of all of the hardware and systems aspects of operating a server. This includes the server maintenance and upgrading of the system. It also means that any software changes or upgrades are delivered to the customer instantly. All smartphone apps will be upgraded in the standard release format. As this is purely a software solution; the platform will function exactly like a standard billing system with the exception being that customers on the Prepago platform never fall into arrears and their accounts stay positive at all times.

Customer Support

Prepago has completely rethought the in-home display system for customer support and the standard utility CRM model. The information that customers require are now held within the smartphone of the customer so it is always "in their pocket". By using the mobile phone system and platforms approach we can update customers quickly to service interruptions and any service changes. Customer care is improved as your customers get their information live through their mobile phones - it eliminates billing related calls to your contact centre and provides multiple levels of direct support to your customers. This means they will no longer be calling you when they have a query about the service.

Standards leadership

Prepago leads the industry in viewing smart metering as a standard rather than a walled garden. As the sole providers of a virtual prepay platform - this is an innovation for companies with a billing engine and credit control enterprise system core. The metering requirements are clear, the standards are set; however until now the software remained to be proved - all except the Prepago platform which has shown it is resilient, robust and can operate in line with any billing engine and any size operation from 20 smart meters to 200,000 smart meters in a network. The prepay platform sits as middleware within the current enterprise system allowing customers to experience a prepay channel while the company can more speedily scale up it's prepay channel rollout without rebuilding their systems.

Regulatory Compliance

The Prepago system allows you to provide your customers information needs and also to fully meet your regulators requirements. The system is designed to hold as much data as you wish to include in the Prepago system. Each meter is monitored separately and each account is separate which means that you only need to feed into the system as much data as your organisation requires to run the system. This means that both the EU and Federal smart metering and billing regulations can be delivered into your customers hand and implemented without additional cost.

Arrears Collection

The Prepago system allows the collection of arrears and offers improved managed repayment cycles for utilities. This can involve the use of multiple collection strategies which can be tailored to the market and comply with local regulatory regimes. Because mobile phones are private, personal and portable they remove the usual "box on the wall" and card reading apparatus most people associate with prepaid utility services. Through using a phone app it significantly reduces customer contact time for the Utility while meeting the customer's requirement for information exactly when they want it.