We take any metered utility, upgrade and deliver a smart, networked digital metered solution;

  • Electricity - private wire, electric vehicle chargers
  • Gas - lpg, natural gas
  • Water - potable, grey

This hardware solution is overlaid with a proven reliable prepay and billing software solution.

Through using our technology we offer full control of utilities for landlords and residents alike. Every part is transparent and clear to all stakeholders at all times.

By using our suite of mobile phone apps from installation through to full occupancy - and every stage including partial implementation - everyone involved can see what they need as we deliver unrivaled access.

We set up a network to read meters and control an “off switch” this activity controls a valve where required and this valve can be set for severely restricted delivery.

Shut off prohibition

Where service shut off is prohibited by law - we have a number of restricted delivery options for water and power.

A switch to an Ampage controlled circuit for power is a deployed strategy.

We have a valve with a known restricted flow option which is used in prepay potable water delivery.

All delivery values in restricted services can be set in advance to allow counties but limited use to encourage payment.

Energy Purses

PrepayGO is an example of the cutting edge metered prepay solutions we deliver - giving apartment residents access to an ‘Energy Purse’.

This allows people to opt for home heating and EV charging billing together.

We also offer separate EV charging services to their home heating - this allows residents to separate their business transportation costs from their home heating.

PrepayGO also has a communication element allowing people queued to start charging to contact the users charging to check when they’ll be finished - anonymously and all within the bounds of expected politeness.