Makes any smart meter into a truly smart pay-as-you-go meter
Adds the networked meter platform to the smartphone to create a platform with infinite possibilities
Powerful, portable and personal giving customers a simpler, smarter way to manage their electricity or gas prepay accounts.
Smart asset leveraging as it allows a utility to use their bill pay account system as a prepay system;Potencia sits on top of the existing system, reading the meter, paying the bill and cutting off the customer if required.

As you would expect from an innovative system:

  • We make the worst customers your best customers
  • Risk Reduction makes Prepay an obvious choice in a networked system
  • App and SMS support enhances buy-in and Customer Retention
  • Fewer bills improves Customer relations
  • Improved Cashflow from most difficult customers
  • Prepago opens multiple arrears recovery strategies, by time, by amount or by apportioning fixed or percentage of top-ups and vary these by season.
Prepago can be extended to add new information layers adding new communications options for customers for Fault reporting and outage information. This enables improved operational support and reduces messaging costs.
  • Enables you to maximise your meter investment with a powerful mobile-app, e-commerce and web-enabled technology
  • Secure, safe, reliable cloud based solution
  • Compatible with existing systems and processes
  • Fast time to market out of the box solution
  • Futureproof
  • Compatible with all existing payment systems
  • Maintenance and infrastructure free
The backend system combines web technology for ease of use and to enable easier understanding of the system, while using Smartphone apps, backed by SMS messaging to deliver to consumers in an appropriate technology. Web services allow greater delivery flexibility when adding to existing and legacy installed back office systems.
  • Can be added to existing accounts systems
  • No destructive period or year-end routines. All history is instantly available in original detail
  • A simple, logical and easy-to-use interface, with the familiar browser 'look and feel'
  • Simultaneous access to all screens by all concurrent users
  • Multiple security maintenance measures built-in, robust transaction based audit trail providing peace of mind
  • Delivers a paperless service to consumer
  • No need to wait for time consuming tasks or reports to finish due to advanced multi-threading technology

Unique Tariff table feature;

Prepago allows you to format your Prepay tariff table by customer types, allowing different rates, and charges.
The most complex tariff options are available; based on usage, by percentage, any taxation and levy basis and format.
The system allows you take a tariff table and "publish" it to your customers phone app and warn in advance of a change in pricing.
As the Prepago system is a prepay control system, it does not allow sethistoric pricing. All tariffs are set up from the start with a "forward" looking date range in the future - it may only be an hour in the future.